An Outdoor Team Building Event that’s also a Wellbeing Activity

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We love April at StreetHunt Games – everything starts to come to life again (just keep those pesky showers away!). The beautiful cherry blossom is in full bloom around the magnificent backdrop of St Paul’s Cathedral – a location that can be fully appreciated during our Wellbeing activity.

April is also Stress Awareness Month where we can hopefully say goodbye to the dark months and start looking to brighter things. This time of year makes us reflect on our work life balance and wellbeing activities – especially in the workplace.

Here at StreetHunt Games, we find that many businesses, of all sizes, come to us in need of a team building activity that appeals to everyone and is a fun way of building stronger team connections. As an additional benefit, this team building event incorporates wellbeing activities that are closely aligned with the NHS Five Pillars of Wellbeing:

1.    Connect with other people

Connecting with people is one of the NHS pillars of wellbeing

There’s an argument that adults are more in need of playgrounds than children…. to connect with their inner childlike perspective of the world.

World Experience Organisation

StreetHunt Games is played in teams – family, friends or colleagues. You have to work together to solve the crime and everyone has a role to play. In The Case of Colombia’s Finest, there are clues to find and puzzles to figure out. Teamwork and problem solving forge a stronger connection with colleagues.

2. Be physically active

StreetHunt Games is a walk with a purpose where you are taken to places in historical London to find clues. In 2022, LSE published an interesting study stating that location-based games may alleviate mild forms of depression.

Solving the crime whilst exploring hidden streets in central London will ensure you complete your 10,000 steps in a couple of hours. It’s gentle exertion followed by an optional well-earned pub break!

Teams explore London in this wellbeing activity

3. Learn new skills

Can you crack the case - part of this wellbeing activity

Part of the thrill of StreetHunt Games and The Case of Colombia’s Finest is working out how to navigate to quirky parts of London.

It’s a new experience using technology and your own knowledge to be able to enjoy this immersive outdoor challenge. Think scavenger hunt meets escape room meets murder mystery.

4. Give to others

Giving doesn’t always have to be in the form of presents or treats. In fact one of the best and most appreciated forms of giving is spending quality time with those who might need it, whether that be friends, family or colleagues.

With our busy lives, it’s very easy to forget how important it is be able to spend uninterrupted time with someone – and what better way to do it outdoors with a common goal in mind?

Spend time with loved ones on this wellbeing activity

5. Pay attention to the present moment

Teams learn new things in this wellbeing activity

To be able to crack this case, you need to have your wits about you. Tap into your powers of observation and be on the lookout for clues – all around you.

You’ll become visually aware and see unexpected things in unexpected places. To be a successful detective, you really need to be in the present moment!

We hope you’ll find time to join us on a team-building activity this year – it’ll be the perfect wellbeing activity for your team.

We can cater for over 150 players and we’re on hand to organise everything for you, including your celebration drinks at one of our preferred venues.

Annaliza and the team at StreetHunt helped us organise a corporate social for a Big 4 department of 30 people. The whole event was exciting, entertaining and so easy to run. The site worked brilliantly and we were all allocated into teams with a prize at the end. Definitely suitable for a work social ending in the pub or at a restaurant and everyone had a great time! Cannot recommend it enough!