Hi, we’re Tony and Annaliza the founders of StreetHunt Games, thanks for popping by.

We love to travel and seek out unique experiences especially immersive events, theatre, escape room games, finding new places to eat and drink.

Combining this passion with Tony’s love of quizzes, crosswords and board games (if you can turn something into a game, Tony’s family have done it!), StreetHunt Games was born.

StreetHunt Games’ Chief Technology Officer, Nick (Tony’s brother), then turned the concept into reality with his programming background and tech startup know-how.

StreetHunt Games’ offers a combination not provided by any competitors – an emphasis on captivating locations with standalone puzzles combined with an engaging overall mystery to solve.

We’ve recently brought StreetHunt Games back to Tony’s roots in York – the perfect location for a Hunt!

Follow us on StreetHunt Games’ Instagram and Facebook and check out our early posts to find out more about how our StreetHunt Games journey started.

Now that’s enough about us – you better head back to the Hunts and get booking!