Here are our most commonly asked questions. Contact us directly if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for.


  • What is StreetHunt Games?

StreetHunt Games provides engaging outdoor, self-guided mysteries set around captivating locations – think grown-up scavenger hunt meets escape room meets murder mystery, played outside across the city. All you need is a phone and a sense of adventure!

Within the game, you step into the shoes of a private investigator who has a large network of virtual ‘contacts’ across the city ready to help. Using an interactive map, you’ll be alerted when your virtual contacts (there are no actors involved) have information to share related to your specific Hunt. Race to their location, using your map reading skills, and explore the area to unlock the clues. When the time runs out, the players will have the opportunity to review the clues they have obtained and attempt to solve an overall mystery.

  • Who is the character you play in StreetHunt Games?

Born and bred in the city, you feel a deep connection to the city’s streets and their inhabitants. After leaving school at 16, you’ve never entered employment – you spend your days trading in favours with a sideline as a private detective. Over the years you gained a reputation for being a problem-solver, and your contacts entrust you with ever more challenging tasks. Just last week, you managed to trace someone’s long lost brother to a small village in Nepal. But that’s another story, for another time… All you need to know is that a lot of the locals will try and help you out when asked.

Game set-up

  • When can you play StreetHunt Games?

The Hunts are playable 7 days a week with slots available to be booked from 10am – 5pm in York and 9am – 8pm in London depending on the time of year. There will be 1 – 3 hours of game time (varies by Hunt) but there are opportunities for breaks during the Hunt. You can start anytime within the hour slot you select when booking.

  • How does the game work?

You’ll find clues and evidence through your virtual contacts which relate to the task at hand. Most of them will only meet you in person (virtually), given everything else leaves a digital footprint, so you’ll have to meet them to get the clue or evidence. In the time available you may not be able to meet everyone, and some of your contacts may not have information that particularly assists your enquiries. Also, as you find information and share this with your network, new information may come to light.

These contacts won’t try and trick you and will just tell you what they know. All the information you receive will be virtual through the game website (no actors are involved).

  • What does this mean in practice?

To meet your virtual contacts and obtain clues/evidence from them, you’ll need to answer a location specific question which will confirm you’re at the same location as them. The site will walk you through your first meeting with a virtual contact, to show how the digital and physical aspects of the game interact – don’t worry, all will become clear when your Hunt starts!

If you’re doing this game with friends (which we highly recommend!), they will be able to access the same information on their devices using an alternative personalised link. The number of devices is limited to the booking size and each player can enter answers on their device or you can follow as a team on one device.

  • How do I start the game?

Within 24 hours of booking your Hunt, you will receive a personalised link to your team page where you will need to enter the email addresses of other players you have booked for, to ensure they receive their personalised links to launch the Hunt. You’ll also be sent an email around two days before your booking to remind you of all the details you need to start your Hunt: the start location; the link to the team page; and everything you need for the Hunt.

The initial location specific question and information from your first contact includes a walkthrough of exactly how the Hunt works. There will also be a help page within the game website to assist if you encounter any issues.

  • Do I have to use the phone I booked with to play the game?

No, the game is web-based so you can access from any phone or tablet. You’ll receive personalised links to launch the Hunt for all players within your booking.

  • How do you ensure all players within the booking receive access to the game?

You’ll need to access the team page through the link provided after booking your Hunt. You forward this email on to the rest of your team so they can add their details and sign up to our privacy policy. Each player will then receive a personalised link to launch the Hunt.

  • What happens if a player’s phone battery runs out?

We recommend teams have a mobile charging device, but if a phone battery does run out, that team member can follow the game on another device.

  • What do I need on the day?
  1. A smartphone, fully charged (you might even want a portable charging device). We recommend every player has their own device, this will enhance your experience. You may wish to use an ipad if you prefer a larger screen.
  2. Comfortable footwear for walking around – you’ll be on your feet for the duration of the game.
  3. If it might rain, waterproof clothing and an umbrella.
  4. An inquisitive mind, a sharp pair of eyes and a keen attention to detail.
  5. During your Hunt you’ll be walking on the streets of a city which can be very busy. Please make sure you take the usual care whilst crossing roads.
  • What if there are problems with the tech during the hunt?

The interactive map has been thoroughly tested and we don’t expect any issues on the day. However, there is a help page within the website providing tips if there are issues with the game. You can also contact us via email and we will do everything we can to ensure your game experience is not impacted.

The city is constantly evolving, with significant development ongoing. If there is any issue with the location specific questions not being visible please use the hint and skip functions within the game site and let us know, so we can reflect in your score and update the game.

  • How long does the game last?

We have created games of different lengths to suit your preference. Refer to the Choose Your Hunt page on the website for details. Depending on your pace and how many breaks you have, these times will vary.

  • How is the difficulty level determined in the Hunts?

For a Hunt to be classified as challenging, it is a combination of the length of time it is expected to take, the amount of walking involved and the complexity of the overall mystery being solved. As these reduce, the Hunts are classified as moderate and leisurely levels of difficulty.

Where adult content is involved or we have a minimum age recommendation, this is identified in the Hunt details. The level of walking varies but it can be up to 3 miles on the challenging Hunts.

  • How does the scoring work

You will receive points for the number of locations you unlock, the speed at which you submit your solution to the overall game and for all correct answers to the solution. You will have points deducted where you require hints and/or need to skip the location specific questions.  You will also have points deducted if you unlock any additional clues at the end of the game that you run out of time to visit.

At the end of the game, dependent on your score, you will be awarded either a Gold, Silver or Bronze StreetHunt Games medal.

  • Can multiple teams play against each other?

Yes and this is encouraged to add another dimension to the game. You can book up to 3 teams within the same hour slot but we recommend you stagger the start times by around 2-3 minutes between teams. Contact us and we can advise on the best staggered times for your team. We can also provide additional scoring information, in order to differentiate between each team’s score. If you intend have more than 3 teams playing, get in touch and we can liaise with you on the best approach for your group size.

  • If multiple teams are playing will they go around together? 

This shouldn’t happen as the start times can be staggered for multiple teams playing together. Not all games are linear, so although teams may cross paths, they should remain separate during the majority of the game play.

  • Where do the games end?

The end location is a secret but it will be within the game area advertised at the time of booking.

  • Are the games suitable for wheelchair and buggy access?

Unfortunately there will be requirements to go up and down steps in the game so this is likely to be difficult. Please contact us directly to discuss the game you want to play and we can provide guidance to try to make it work for you.

  • Do I need to know the area to play?

Absolutely not. The game is aimed at both locals and tourists to give a new perspective to an area and we hope you will see or learn something new about the area even if it’s down the road from where you work or live.

  • Will I be able to play if English is not my first language?

The games are all written in English currently but we are considering translations so subscribe to ‘Word on the Street’ and you’ll be the first to know if they are available.

  • Do all the games involve breaks?

With current coronavirus restrictions we have set up the games to not require interaction with other establishments, but you are able to pause the game for breaks at any time (more than two pauses within a game will result in a score deduction). We’ve pulled together a few ideas for places to pause during a Hunt or spend your time at the end deliberating before you submit your solution. This includes pubs, restaurants/bars, cafes picnic spots and is provided at the time of booking, relevant for your specific Hunt.

  • What if I need the toilet during the Hunt?

This is a useful resource for London –

  • Are you paid by any of the venues you recommend?

There are no kick-backs to StreetHunt Games. We have researched the area and found places we enjoy, with the aim of providing options for different budgets and preferences.

  • Can dogs join the Hunt? 

All dogs are very welcome to join your team as long as they’re up for the walk and they’re happy waiting while you read the clues!

  • Do I need to run during the Hunt?

You shouldn’t need to run during the game but if you decide to, take extra care around roads and traffic. If you don’t get to all your virtual contacts during the game time you can still unlock that information at the end of the game so it won’t impact your ability to be able to solve the mystery. 

Booking conditions

  • Why haven’t I received my booking confirmation email?

Please check your promotions, junk or other folders in your inbox to ensure it hasn’t gone there. If you still can’t see it, please contact us on

  • Can I get a refund?

Yes, the bookings are fully flexible up to 48 hours before you are due to start. After that point a refund is not available unless there are extenuating circumstances. We want you to play the game so we will do what we can to accommodate a change in circumstances. As soon as you have logged into the game on any device within your booking, we are no longer able to provide a refund.

  • What if there is bad weather?

We recommend you keep an eye on the weather for your chosen day and if you decide you want to delay, let us know 48 hours before so we can put a hold on your unique access code and rebook you for another day. Once you are logged into the game we cannot offer a refund but if the weather turns, contact us and we can book you in for another day.

  • Are there any age restrictions on the games?

The recommended ages are detailed on the Choose Your Hunt page at the time of booking for each game. Children under 12 (who will not require a separate device) are free. If children do join a Hunt they must be supervised at all times. This is essential as the games take place on busy streets so you need to ensure all usual road precautions are taken at all times.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay on our website using Visa, Mastercard or American Express. All payments are up front. Please contact us directly if you require another payment option.

  • Why is there a limit on the group size?

We recommend a limit of 4-6 players as we believe this is more engaging for the team members. If you have a group larger we suggest you split into multiple teams (3 and 2 for example), but we will allow a team of 5 if that is your preference. The head-to-head experience of multiple teams is loads of fun and adds another dimension to the game.

  • Can I add additional team players after my initial booking?

Yes, if tickets are available you can place a separate booking through the website or contact us at and we’ll set this up.

  • What if I can no longer do the time I booked?

If you have a clash or the weather is not looking good, please email us 48 hours before your Hunt is due to start and we can rearrange and provide an updated log-in for a revised date.

About Us

  • How did StreetHunt Games begin?

Tony and Annaliza, the founders of StreetHunt Games, love travel and seeking out unique experiences. Combined with Tony’s love of quizzes, crosswords and board games (if you can turn something into a game, Tony’s family have probably done it!), StreetHunt Games was born.

StreetHunt Games’ Chief Technology Officer, Nick (Tony’s brother!), then turned the concept into reality with his programming background and startup know-how!

Check out our About Us page for more.

  •  How can I hear about new games as soon as they are created?

Subscribe to our newsletter ‘Word on the Street’ at the bottom banner of our home page and follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

  • Is there an opportunity to be a tester or provide ideas for a new game?

We have a thorough testing process for all our new games so get in touch if you are interested, we are always keen to get your feedback and ideas.

  • Does StreetHunt Games cater for corporate events?

Yes, we can create tailored packages for your event taking into account different numbers, ideal team size and the length of event you are looking for. See our corporate event page for more details and get in touch – we’d love to bring StreetHunt Games to you and your teams!

  • Do you offer gift vouchers?

Yes, you can order here and it’ll arrive in your inbox straight away! Email us at with any questions or if you’d like a personalised gift card to go with your voucher.