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Top Five Active Team Social Ideas in London

Top five Active Team Social Ideas in London

Active team social ideas in London

As restrictions have now eased in the UK and people are returning to the office we’re here to help you with our top five active team social ideas.

Team building has been tough in the last couple of years with a heavy reliance on virtual events. There are so many benefits to getting back together in person including improved communication, relationships, employee engagement and morale. After the popularity of our last Team Building Events blog, we’re back with more but this time focusing on ideas to get the team mingling and active at the same time.

If you’re stuck looking for a team social idea for your team to try out, we’ve got you covered.

Axe throwing experience in London - perfect for a team social

1. Looking to release team stresses?

You’ll be shoulder to shoulder with your friends or colleagues, slinging axes and slamming bullseyes. With an expert team of instructors, you’ll be throwing like a pro in no time!

The first half of the session will be spent getting comfortable with the axes until you’re sinking it into the gold!

Price: From £30/person

Location: Tower Hill


Top Tip: Go exclusive and book out the entire lane to yourself – perfect for a team social


2. Rally around your colleagues and serve up a delight

From classic ping pong to shuffleboard, the team-building energy will be high at Bounce. Their venues serve drinks and food and can accommodate groups of up to 500.

Are you a king of spin or a queen of the smash? Go toe to toe (or bat to bat) with your colleagues and be crowned the titan of the table!

Indoor table tennis and so much more at this team social

Price: From £6/person

Location: Farringdon, Battersea, Old Street


Top Tip: Farringdon is near the end of StreetHunt Games’ debut game, Colombia’s Finest, so how about getting the team outside to test their detective skills followed by swinging the clubs at Urban Golf. 

Team Social idea in London

3. Swing when you’re winning

Sixes invites players of all ages and abilities to test their batting skills against some of the world’s finest bowlers, all recorded on a global leaderboard in a relaxed, social setting. Fear not, the ball is soft and easy to hit!

You can choose from 30 – 90 minutes bookings and for the duration of your game you’ll have an adjoining table for food & drinks.

Price: From £30/batting net for 30 mins

Location: Fitzrovia, Fulham


Top Tip: The food is very good so go hungry. With an impressive selection of burgers we can’t decide which is better – ‘Beefy Botham’ or ‘Braai Brisket Bun’?!?

4. The first rule of Flight Club is…

What better way to get your team building up than with a darts tournament? This experience will bring your team together for what they call “unexpected, ridiculous, joy.” With a variety of games on offer, and fun, interactive interface, you’ll be homing in on the 180s in no time!

Flight Club in London Iis a great team social idea in London

Don’t worry, there’s also cocktails and pizzas to keep you fueled during this team social.

Price: From £10/person for 90 minutes, tournament packages for bigger groups (price depends on the size of group)

Location: Bloomsbury, Victoria, Shoreditch, Islington


Top Tip: Prosecco and bottomless pizza are offered Thursday to Sunday for just £30 a ticket, and at off peak times this will include an hour in the oche perfecting your throw and another hour at the bar to take advantage of the Prosecco and bottomless pizza.

StreetHunt Games is a fantastic team social idea

5. Get your 10k steps in during this active team social

Our engaging, self-guided mystery is the perfect team social idea. This unique experience can be tailored to your team’s needs and all you’ll need is your phone and a sense of adventure.

Our corporate package allows for collaboration in smaller groups as well as the full team networking at the end.

Our debut game, Colombia’s Finest, introduces you to Jim Robusta and his coffee company – Jim’s colleagues have shady pasts and Jim has asked you to sniff out evidence of crime amongst the caffeine. It takes around two hours and we recommend individual team sizes of two to five but larger groups form multiple teams to create some friendly competition.

The game is an interaction between the surrounding environment and an individual’s smartphone. The experience encourages players to walk around the city and is a non-polluting sustainable form of entertainment.

Our commitment is to get players to explore less worn paths, find nuggets that they’d never discover otherwise, and interact with their surroundings in a non-invasive way.

Price: From £15/person

Location: Starts near Blackfriars


Top Tip: We offer food and drink promotions at local partner venues which are eligible for group bookings over 10 people.

We hope you’re feeling inspired to get your team back together with these team social ideas.

Not only will they all be lots of fun for the team but they’ll provide employees with much needed connection and if combined with Colombia’s Finest, you’ll get people outside and active.

Top Five Team Building Events in London

Top five Team Building Events in London

Top Five Team Building Events in London

Whether teams are fully remote, a hybrid or in the office full-time, the need for fun team building events is more important than ever.

StreetHunt Games offer a great corporate package (also suitable for birthday, hen-do/stag-do or any celebratory event!) which we’ll dive into in a bit.

We want to bring you options though so we’ve hunted down our top five team building events in London to suit a range of budgets, length of event and location.

If you’ve already saved Jim in Colombia’s Finest then hopefully the below will bring some inspiration for other unique events.

If you’ve not yet played StreetHunt Games’ debut game then get in touch with any questions and we can help organise the perfect event for you – you could even follow our outdoor activity with a bingo session or singing into the evening at a karaoke bar.

Team Building Event

1. Bingo but not how you imagine

Indeedy Musical Bingo is like normal bingo, but with songs instead of numbers! Cross songs off your bingo card as you hear them, and compete to win amazing and hilarious prizes.

Perfect for virtual or in-person corporate parties, whether for client entertainment, team-building, or just to reward your staff with a bit of a party!

Price: £1,595 for a virtual event and £2,495 for in-person (assuming 1 to 200 guests)

Location: Online or you choose your in-person event space


Top Tip: There’s the option on the 2-hour performances to turn the event into a team-based competition to bring a bit more competitive tension into the proceedings!

2. Scavenger Hunt meets Escape Room meets Murder Mystery

StreetHunt Games is the perfect team building activity for adults in London. We provide engaging outdoor, self-guided mysteries set around captivating locations.  All you need is a phone and a sense of adventure.

Our unique experience can be tailored for your team building event – it can be the main activity or you can include it as part of a wider event.

Team Building Event suitable for all

We’re a unique outdoor adventure game and we offer:

  • Connection and escapism for your team – we deliver four out of the five NHS pillars of wellbeing
  • A corporate package with a combination of smaller groups collaborating during the game with the full team networking at the end
  • Getting your team into the office and then outdoors and into the fresh air for some exercise
  • Discounts at local food and drink venues

Our corporate packages includes dedicated support and whatever help you need to organise a great event.

Price: From £15/person

Location: Starts near Blackfriars


Top Tip: We offer discounts and some great drink promotions at our StreetHunt Games partner venues – eligible for any group booking over 10 players

To find out more about this perfect team building event go here.

Team Building Event Virtual

3. Fully virtual and on a budget

If your team are still dispersed geographically or you don’t have the budget to get everyone into London Mafia’s our favourite free option that works well for a remote team building event.

Ever played Mafia (aka Werewolf) at a house-party with friends? It works surprisingly well as a team building event.

Nominate an organiser to assign the team roles via a video call (making sure everyone else closes their eyes when told!) and get ready for lots of laughs while the villagers try to uncover the Mafiosi. Calling your boss out as a liar might have a particular appeal for some!

If this makes no sense and you’ve never heard of the game read all about it here.

Price: Free

Location: Virtual (or can play in-person anywhere)


Top Tip: If your team are more into drawing than deduction, Scribbl’s provided lots of entertainment for StreetHunt Games

4. Escape the room en masse

clueQuest is the UK’s longest-running escape room game with a large capacity for 66 players to play concurrently. If your teams have got what it takes to join Mr Q’s spy agency, they have some great corporate options on offer.

Escape room Team Building Event

Since 2013, hundreds of companies have used their escape rooms and services to encourage employee engagement, run meaningful team building events and to celebrate company milestones.

They also offer virtual and live team building events, meeting space and venue hire.

Price: From £25/person

Location: Kings Cross


Top Tip: For £45/person you can add on nibbles and drinks, team photo magnets and a team trophy for the top team  

Team Building Event at Lucky Voice

5. Unleash your inner popstar

Lucky Voice provides private rooms for groups to cut loose and sing from the heart. Enjoy two hours of karaoke in your very own private room fitting up to 30 people. Room service cocktail menus are available at the touch of a button alongside pizza and bar snacks.

Lucky Voice also cater for team building events and provide conference facilities for any serious performances before the fun begins!

Price: From £16/person for two hour bookings

Location: Holborn, Soho, Islington, Brighton and Dubai


Top Tip: Holborn is near the end of StreetHunt Games’ debut game, Colombia’s Finest, so how about getting the team outside to challenge the mind before singing the night away in your own private room?!?!

Hopefully that’s given you some inspiration for team building events in London that don’t just revolve around a pub (although there’s always a place for that too!).

We struggled to keep this list to five, so look out for part two coming soon which will be focused on getting the team active!

Top Five Quirky Valentine’s Day Date Ideas in London

Top five quirky Valentine’s Day date ideas in London

quirky valentines date ideas in London

Valentine’s Day and Galentine’s Day are just around the corner and we’ve found our top five quirky valentine’s day date ideas in London for you. Have you got your plans sorted yet?

Whether you’re spending it with your friends, your significant other, or just with your own company, we’ve discovered some great ideas to help your planning!

1. Kick back and relax at a Posh Cinema 

Elevate your cinema experience at one of many Everyman venues. Located in some of London’s iconic buildings, you may be in such awe of the venue itself that you forget to go in and watch the film!

You can get anything from a glass of wine to a burger delivered directly to your extra comfy seat making it a perfect date night option for those who love a mix of luxury and comfort!

Price: Around £13-£20 per person (excluding food/drink), ranges depending on movie and time

Location: 14 locations in Greater London


Top Tip: If you’re indecisive about which location to try, the Screen on the Green location in Islington is our favourite.

2. Enter a hidden world

“Will you beat the villain or become one?” This immersive escape experience is quite the quirky date night. Enter a hidden world as you descend into the dark underbelly of international crime and prepare yourselves to face The Drop!

Interact with your partner to solve puzzles in the hidden world. Make sure to book early as these tickets are highly limited and the run may end by 27 February.

Price: £39.95 per adult

Location: Aldgate


Top Tip: There’s a valentine’s special running with a free mini bottle of prosecco, or celebrate a day late because tickets are 30% off on Tuesdays!

3. Get outdoors and explore London

This quirky date activity will allow you to discover some of London’s quirkier locations with your Valentine or Galentine. Not only will you get your daily steps in, playing Colombia’s Finest, but you’ll also have loads of fun embracing your inner detective to try and solve the mystery.

Will you and your date identify the criminals before the clock runs out?

The perfect way to get outdoors for some quality time!

Price: £15 per adult

Location: Starts close to Blackfriars station


Top Tip: If you’re on the Hunt for singles events in Central London check our StreetHunt social events through our meetup group here. The perfect way to meet people who love trying new experiences.

To hear what players think check out our recent press from Southwark News and Time & Leisure Magazine

4. Sharpen your skills with a cooking lesson


Explore, attempt, or master a dish with your partner this Valentine’s. Greenwich Pantry have classes on making all types of food from sushi to pastries, and even on knife skills! This is a lovely way to bond, learn some new skills and enjoy your delicious creations afterwards!

Price: Ranges depending on the type of class, around £65-£75 per person

Location: Greenwich or Lewisham kitchens


Top Tip: Buy a gift voucher for your Valentine and pick a class together.

Players solving clues and visiting quirky locations in London

5. Order in cocktails kits at home

You and your partner can become mixologists for the night. With hand-packed kits from The Blind Badger Cocktail Company – all your ingredients are fresh and high-quality. You’ll also get a keepsake card so that you can do it all over again – you know you’ll want to!

Price: From £26.95 for a kit for two with free shipping

Location: UK delivery available (ex NI)


Top Tip: Mocktails are also available for teetotallers – pimp up your punch! Buy a personalised gift card made from seeded paper that can be planted to grow into a mini wild meadow garden.

We’d love to hear what you think of our top five quirky Valentine’s day date ideas, or if you’ve got others you think should be added to the list. Which one are you going to get booked in?

To find out more about Colombia’s Finest follow these links.

Top Five outdoor activities in London this winter

Top five outdoor activities in London this winter

We’re ticking off one of our new year’s resolutions by launching a blog and entry number one is our pick of outdoor activities in London this winter. This is just the start – we’re looking forward to sharing lots of behind the scenes news from StreetHunt Games and keeping you up to date with fun things to do in London.

If this sounds up your street, then sign up to Word on the Street and you’ll receive updates straight to your inbox each month (no spamming we promise!).

Right – back to our debut blog…

What better place to start than how to get outside and move in the New Year?

From unearthing hidden history and solving mysteries to exploring the Thames by boat, we’ve tracked down the best outdoor activities in London this winter.

1. Dust off your lycra and get physical in your local park or outdoor gym


Outdoor exercise and organised park runs are perfect for keeping fit in the winter. It’s a great way to work off those mince pies if you indulged over Christmas!

Parkrun offer organised free 5km runs and there are nearly 50 locations in London, so there’s bound to be one near you.

Participants range from complete beginners walking the 5km to experienced runners – no matter what your ability everyone benefits from being part of this motivating community.

If you’re not a runner then how about an outdoor Gym? You’ve probably walked past them in your local park but never known quite what to do or if anyone uses them. We’ve found a fantastic summary of free outdoor gyms in London by the Thrifty Londoner here with some solid reasons for checking them out.

Price: Free!

Location: Throughout London. StreetHunt Games’ favourite Parkrun is at the stunning Brockwell Park in South London and we love Kennington Park outdoor gym which is set out like an obstacle course.


Top Tip: There’s a great list of all the London based Parkruns here.

2. Take to the river and discover something new

Have you seen the Uber boats and thought they were only for commuters or tourists? How about trying something new in London this winter by combining a London day trip with some time on the water enjoying blue skies and fresh air (blue skies harder to guarantee 😂).

With 23 piers across London, there are plenty of destinations to choose from.

Price: £8.20 per adult

Location: From Woolwich in the East to Putney in the West. Boats run from early morning to after 9 pm (check latest timetables to confirm).


Top Tip: After finishing StreetHunt Games’ Colombia’s Finest around Blackfriars you can be in historic Greenwich in less than 20 minutes. Have a wander around Greenwich Park and enjoy views as far as the eye can see.

3. Discover London’s most infamous criminal

You’ve heard of Jack the Ripper, but how much do you really know? The guides on this tour are absolute experts having written ten acclaimed books between them. You’ll learn all about Jack’s exploits dramatically and entertainingly, with the bonus of fresh air and exercise.

Price: £12 per adult

Location: Aldgate


Top Tip: Have a drink at The Ten Bells Pub, an East London institution since 1666, to warm up after the tour.

4. Enjoy the winter light exhibition at Southbank


A neon canopy, experimental projections and eerily lit abandoned cars – Winter Light adds another dimension to wandering on Southbank this winter.

Colombia’s Finest finishes across the river at Blackfriars so this makes a bright end to a London day trip where you’re surrounded by venues to grab a drink or a bite to eat.

Price: Free

Location: Southbank Centre until 20 February


Top Tip: If you’re looking for a family trip to Southbank there’s currently a free family adventure trail which is right up our street. You can collect activity sheets to keep the kids entertained between 10 am to 4 pm. Running from 9 – 20 February 2022.

Image credit: Morley Von Sternberg

Players solving clues and visiting quirky locations in London

5. Who’s up for the hottest outdoor activity in London?


StreetHunt Games couldn’t compile this list without a shout out to Colombia’s Finest. Think grown-up scavenger hunt meets escape room meets murder mystery, played outside across London.

Our debut game, Colombia’s Finest, introduces you to Jim Robusta and his coffee company – Jim’s colleagues have shady pasts and Jim has asked you to sniff out evidence of crime amongst the caffeine.

Players LOVE the game – have a read of all our five-star reviews on Google and Tripadvisor.

Do you like the sound of getting outside to play, exercise, see new parts of London, learn fun facts and connect with friends and family?

Price: £15 per player

Location: Starts close to Blackfriars station


Top Tip: Sign up to Word on the Street and follow us @streethuntgames to hear about any giveaways and discounts. 

Everything from the excellent technology, to the plot, to the brilliant writing, to the ‘non-linear’ format was unique. Could it be my new favourite outdoor puzzle trail company? Why yes, it might just be! Full review here.

The Escape Roomer

A novel experience and I highly recommend. I really enjoyed the non-linear format to the ‘trail’ and the open-world aspect.

Neil Connolly, Creative Producer, The Crystal Maze Live Experience

Excellent unique activity in London! Very clever website that guides you through the scavenger hunt game in an intuitive way, with the ability to pause and stop to enjoy a drink on the river. Would be brilliant for a corporate team building event or catch up with friends and family.

James B


One of a kind fantastic immersive scavenger hunt. Crime solving, finding stories hidden in time in the City of London and getting your 10k steps in all in one. A great afternoon out exploring if you are into just one or all three.

Hanna J