Looking for a fun outdoor teenager activity (or tween) for a couple of hours entertainment?

There are lots of clubs and activities for children under 10 but the options are more limited for teenager activities (or tweens). We have the perfect solution to tick all the boxes. Phones are allowed – in fact, they are essential – that’s selling point number one! This teenager activity gets you outdoors; provides an adventure with friends; is sneakily educational and teaches teens how to navigate around the backstreets of London or York. 

This fun, engaging and unique experience lasts 1 – 2 hours (excluding optional breaks) and is great value for money at only £16.50 per person.

The Hunt is unguided, so we recommend that an adult is present for younger teens and tweens. We have two Hunt’s to choose from – The Case of Colombia’s Finest (available in London and York) or Will Breaker (available in London).

We recommend The Case of Colombia’s Finest for inquisitive kids aged from 13+, and our latest Hunt, Will Breaker, is suitable for kids from 10+. The Hunt’s for teens and tweens are no different to our standard Hunt’s but this page is designed to highlight the benefits for playing with this age group. 

Street Hunt Games, activities for teens London

An adventure with friends 

Grab your friends to explore London or York whilst solving riddles and having fun along the way.  

Street Hunt Games, outdoor activities for teen

Get outdoors

This isn’t a walk in the park, this is getting outdoors with a purpose! You have a mystery that needs solving.

Street Hunt Games, outdoor activities discovering London

Discover a new side to a city

StreetHunt Games takes place in central London or York and it takes you to corners you didn’t even know existed.

Street Hunt Games, activities for teens using phones

You MUST use your phone!

Yes, your phone is essential in this mission. You will need to find locations to unlock clues.

Street Hunt Games, outdoor activities for teens

Find the clues 

Finding the clues and solving the riddles is the name of the game. But you must hurry – it’s a race against the clock.

Street Hunt Games, outdoor activity hunts to solve a crime

Solve the crime

Can you work together to solve the crime? Who are the budding detectives amongst you? You’re about to find out!

How does StreetHunt Games, this unique teenager activity, work?

The hunt is unguided, which means that teens can complete the hunt on their own. Teens can make their own way to the start of the hunt and follow the instructions – it’s a complete adventure! For younger teens and tweens, we recommend that an adult is present. 

  • It is ideal for groups of 3 – 5 players, but if there are lots of friends or if it’s a birthday party, we can split the group into smaller teams
  • When playing in multiple teams, set off with 2/3 minutes between teams
  • There’s a built in break (usually 30-45 minutes) and for teens there are nearby cafés that make a great option or they can play straight through
  • If there is more than one team, we’ll provide a team ranking on completion (for the competitive ones out there to know how they did against the rest of the team!)
  • It’s so easy – all players needs to do is get to the starting point of the game with a phone and we’ll do the rest for you!

 Special occasions and teen birthday parties 


  • For an additional cost, there’s the option to have a StreetHunt Games host who will greet the teams at the start, and be on hand throughout, provide a memento video of the event (if desired) and announce the winner at the end
  • We can organise prizes for the winning team tied into the theme of the game
  • If you would like to celebrate at the end of the hunt with food and drinks, we have a 10% discount on food at Gourmet Burger Kitchen St Pauls – the perfect location for a post Hunt teen/tween birthday meal.  Just let us know and we can do the rest. 

See recent testimonials below with many more on TripAdvisor and Google or read more about ideas for teens in school holidays here.

As Featured In

Outdoor activity in York Featured in The Guardian
Great review for unique activity in London
TripAdvisor Travellers Choice Award
Excellent outdoor unique activity in London
Great review from London magazine

 I loved it!
Really fun idea and a way to get together with friends and a fun way to explore London. Never seen anything like this before. I think it will be a big hit. We all had a great time thanks so much.


TripAdvisor review, Teen player

Unique and so much fun!
The kids absolutely loved the experience and were definitely buzzing! It was rather unique, plus they got to explore London while solving riddles and having fun. I’ve recommended it to my friends.


TripAdvisor review, 16th birthday party

Fantastic day with teenagers in London!
Something interesting to do with the teenagers Fantastic time today with our teenage daughters. Both were really engaged and we all had a great time as a family.


TripAdvisor review, Dad who played

It’s the next big boom after escape rooms.
It was a really good, and cheap, day out for me and my family during the kids holidays. I think this concept is going to go nuts and there will be at least one version in every major city.

Matt B

TripAdvisor review, Dad who played

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