What’s on half term, London  

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We can’t believe that this year’s first half term is almost upon us so we’ve been asking the question ‘What’s on at half term in London?’ We hadn’t given it a second thought until a few days ago and after speaking to other parents, we’re not alone.  There are lots of clubs and activities for children under 12 but the options seem to drop off for teens.

So, we’ve done some investigating (our favourite pastime!) and here is our guide for What’s on at half term in London.

Thrills at half term London

1. Thames Rockets | Half Term London

Thames Rockets have been voted London’s best speedboat tours but it’s not for the faint hearted! It’s a breath-taking sightseeing adventure on the river Thames on their iconic red rocket speedboats. It’s high speed and it’s exciting. 

Price: From £39.95 

Location: Boarding from near the London Eye

Website: www.thamesrockets.com

Top Tip: Take advantage of their 25% off winter discount, Monday-Friday, until the end of April.

2. Go Ape | Half Term London

There are several Go Ape adventure parks in London with our favourites being Battersea and Alexandra Palace. These treetop rope courses test your nerve and the adrenalin surge is enough to make any teen come to life again!

Price: From £35 per person

Location: Various locations

Website: www.goape.co.uk

Salsa for Valentine's Day 2023

Top Tip: At Alexandra Palace you’ll get amazing panoramic views of London if you dare to look!

Crack the Case on Valentine's day 2023

3. StreetHunt Games | Half-term London

StreetHunt Games has taken the concept of escape rooms to a new level. Played outdoors, your teens will be allowed to use their phones (yes really!) to navigate historic London streets, finding clues and attempting to crack the case!

They’ll embrace their inner detective whilst getting active in discovering London’s best-kept secrets.

Price: From £15 per person

Location: Near Blackfriars

Website: www.streethuntgames.com

Top Tip: Ask StreetHunt Games for recommendations of nearby places to grab a post-Hunt bite to eat or refreshment

4. Karaoke Box | Half Term London

There are lots of Karaoke venues but not many allow under 18s. For all those budding popstars, Karaoke Box rents private karaoke boxes in one hour time slots for kids up to 8pm. There are rooms for 5, 7, 9 and 12 people in the Soho venue.

Singing at half-term

Price: From £40 per hour

Location: Mayfair, Smithfield or Soho

Website: www.karaokebox.co.uk

Top Tip: Food and drink can be delivered into your box to add to the treat. 

What's on half term, London

5. Bowling | Half Term London

You can never fail with bowling and Bloomsbury Lanes is a firm StreetHunt Games favourite.  It has eight bowling lanes, a DJ, pizzas and burgers in American diner and even private karaoke booths. 

Price: £45 per hour (one lane before 5pm)

Location: Bloomsbury

Website: www.bloomsburybowling.com

Top Tip: They’re very used to teen parties too!

We hope this has inspired you and given you lots of ideas for what’s on half term London this February. If you have any other suggestions, we’d love to hear and share – please let us know in the comments.