In London or York

Book online for up to 10 People

Book your StreetHunt in London or York for up to 10 people. Perfect outdoor activity for a date night, friend meet-up or team building event. Hunts last between 1 – 2 hours (excluding optional breaks) and are from £16.50 per person.


The Case of Colombia’s Finest

Solve this murder mystery whilst visiting historic locations, finding clues to unearth the crime

Start location: Shoe Lane Library, near Blackfriars, London

£16.50/player:  Teams of 2-6 players recommended (large groups split into multiple teams)

Will Breaker – NEW HUNT!

Crack each code and use your general knowledge to lead you to your inheritance 

Start location: Sicilian Avenue, near Holborn, London

£16.50/player:  Teams of 2-6 players recommended (large groups split into multiple teams)


The Case of Colombia’s Finest

Solve the murder mystery in historic York by finding clues to solve the crime

Start location: The Coffee Yard, off Stonegate, York

£16.50/player:  Teams of 2-6 players recommended (large groups split into multiple teams)

Groups of more than 10 People



with your requirements

Team building activity in London

Optional hosted outdoor activity

Group Hunts can be self-guided or hosted by one by one of our fantastic guides.

For large groups and team building events, a guide will organise everything such as help with setting up your teams, capturing team pictures, managing start times, arranging en route Hunt tipples and after-Hunt food and drinks.

£250 fixed fee

Perfect place to stop for a tipple in this team building event

Optional enroute tipple

Whilst solving the clues before time runs out, you may want to stop off at a secret location for a tipple.

We’ve selected unique venues where teams can compare notes and plan next steps to crack the case. It’s a perfect break during this outdoor activity.

£payable direct to venue

Great fun team-building activity in London or York

Optional food and drink 

Each Hunt can take 1-2 hours (excluding optional breaks) so you may be in need of some well-deserved refreshments when you finish.

StreetHunt Games has preferential rates with local venues and can arrange food and drinks for after your hunt. Please let us know if you’d like us to arrange a table where you can enjoy a post-hunt debrief.

£payable direct to venue

Unique and so much fun!

The kids absolutely loved the experience and were definitely buzzing! It was rather unique, plus they got to explore London while solving riddles and having fun on this outdoor activity.

I’ve recommended it to my friends.

TripAdvisor Review, October 2022

Fun way to explore The City
Really enjoyable and fun experience, exploring some of The City’s hidden streets. Great reason to get together with friends and do something a bit different. Game is challenging and best done in teams to add a competitive element.
Highly recommended!


TripAdvisor review, October 2022

My work team had an absolutely brilliant time on our hunt! This is such a creative and well-executed idea – the tech worked perfectly, the clues were just the right amount of tricky, we covered a great amount of territory and discovered all sorts of hidden treasures of the city, and we had so, so, SO much fun. Can’t wait to try out future hunts in other locations.

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Google review, Gates Foundation

What an amazing afternoon spent with my team. Such a fabulous way to incorporate a team building event with getting out in the outdoors and experiencing London at its best. Thank you StreetHunt! Will definitely do it again!

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TripAdvisor review, TerraCycle