Are you game for a unique activity in YORK?


Keen to discover some of York’s quirkier locations?

Keep your eyes peeled and your wits about you in these self-guided, adult outdoor scavenger hunt team games, playable on your smartphone.

A perfect way to get outside and get your steps in or as an alternative team social, date night or friends meet-up.

The Case of Colombia’s Finest – York

Can you spill the beans on what’s happening in Jim Robusta’s coffee company in this outdoor scavenger hunt?

Jim works alongside people with a shady past and has asked you to sniff out evidence of crime amongst the caffeine.

Start location: The Coffee Yard, York

Difficulty: Challenging (with adult themes)

Recommended Age: 15+ (suitable for friends, families, dates and corporate team events)

Duration: 1.5-2 hours (excluding optional breaks)

£15/player (we recommend 2-4 players/team)

Price includes a StreetHunt memento photo

More Details

  • We stop taking online bookings 16 hours before but if you want to play on the day drop us an email at and we’ll do what we can to book you in
  • If there’s a group of more than 10 players email us at and we’ll assist you to divide into teams with staggered start times
  • Your team play the role of a well-connected private investigator. We recommend team sizes of up to 4 but if there are more of you, divide into competing teams to add an extra dimension to your Hunt
  • The Case of Colombia’s Finest is a unique activity in York – a self-guided outdoor scavenger hunt with a twist – there’s no interaction with anyone outside of your team
  • You’ll receive all the info you need ahead of your Hunt day. Let us know if it’s a surprise for your team-mates and we can amend the timing of when they’ll receive the emails.
  • Each player receives a unique link to access the game ahead of your booking date. We recommend each player experiences the Hunt on their own device while working together in your team
  • You meet your ‘virtual’ contacts via a web-browser on your smartphone (make sure you have a fully charged phone and ideally a portable charger)
  • You can break anytime and we provide recommendations to suit any budget within the game area
  • If you get stuck on any questions, hints and skips are available
  • The game could end in various locations but it will be within the area marked on the map image above
  • This Hunt is brilliant for friends, colleagues, dates and families (15+ children given the adult nature of the content)

‘There is something incredibly fascinating about rediscovering streets that I thought I knew quite well whilst simultaneously trying to solve a complex mystery. One word of recommendation – GO! Five words of recommendation – take your friends and GO! It’s incredible fun and just challenging enough to give you a real sense of achievement after solving the mystery.’

Time & Leisure, January 2022