A teenage birthday party idea that doesn’t cost the earth!

Teenage birthday party

Are you scrolling through teenage birthday party ideas and finding everything is SO expensive?!?

We created our first Hunt with an adult audience in mind, but we received lots of feedback from families that teens were loving the Hunt! The recommended age for our first Hunt, The Case of Colombia’s Finest is 13+ and our second Hunt, Will Breaker, is suitable for curious kids aged 10+.

We often get calls from parents who are thrilled to have stumbled on our website and found a teenage birthday party idea that doesn’t drain your wallet. With a little creativity, careful planning, and some resourcefulness, you can organise a fantastic celebration that your teenager and their friends will love, all while keeping costs in check.

In this blog, we’ll share our top five tips and ideas to help you host a budget-friendly teenage birthday party without sacrificing fun or quality. They are all applied to our Hunts but equally, if you’re looking for something different (more ideas here) hopefully these tips give you some inspiration.

Teens loving this outdoor escape room

1. Set a budget for your teenage birthday party

The first step in organising a cost-effective teenage birthday party is to establish a budget. Determine how much you’re willing to spend on the event, and stick to it.

This will help you make informed decisions about all aspects of the party, from the venue, the number of people your teen can invite to the decorations and entertainment.

Parents often comment how reasonable our prices are (from £16.50pp) versus other similar London activities like escape rooms, bowling, laser tag or immersive challenges.

2. Affordable food and drinks

Often this can be where the budget for your teenage birthday party can be compromised but we’ve got a couple of options for how you can keep it in check.

Often this can be where the budget for your teenage birthday party can be compromised but we’ve got a couple of options for how you can keep it in check.

We have offers with venues where we pass on a 10% food and drink discount when combined with a Hunt.

Teenage birthday party pizza

Our partner venues are only a few minutes’ walk from the Hunt area, for example Gourmet Burger Kitchen with The Case of Colombia’s Finest and Sarastro for Will Breaker.

Another, even cheaper option, and particularly good in the Summer is a picnic! There are some gorgeous green spaces in the area of the Hunts such as the lovely Lincoln Inn’s Fields, making the perfect start or end to a teenage birthday party.

Teenage birthday party memento

3. Party favour

Although there isn’t the same requirement for party bags at a teenage birthday party as there may be for younger kids, your teen may like the guests to end up with a memento or party favour.

We offer iconic memento pictures and with team personalisation this can make a great extra for your teens to share with friends and family and remind them of the fun challenge.

4. Digital invitation to your teenage birthday party

Save on printing and postage by sending digital invitations through email or social media platforms. There are many free online invitation tools that allow you to design and send invitations easily.

Alternatively, leave it to us as we’ll share all the details of the party with them directly so you don’t have to do anything!

A teenage birthday idea that won't break the bank
Discover the great outdoors for a teenage birthday party

5. Choose a cost-effective venue

Instead of renting an expensive venue, consider hosting the party at your home or in your garden if space allows. This can significantly reduce your expenses and give you more control over the party’s atmosphere.

Alternatively, you can check out local parks, community centres, or public spaces, many of which offer affordable options.

The great thing about a StreetHunt Games teenage birthday party is that we make use of the great outdoors. Alongside getting you and your teens outdoors and active, this teenager birthday party provides an adventure with friends; is sneakily educational; and teaches teens how to navigate around the backstreets of London or York.

Organising a teenage birthday party on a budget is entirely possible with a little creativity and planning. By setting a budget, choosing a cost-effective venue, having affordable food and drinks, and going with a digital invite, you can create a memorable celebration without breaking the bank.

Remember, it’s the thought and effort you put into the party that truly matter and leave a lasting impression on your teenager and their friends.

To find out more about the specifics of how the activity works check out our teen activity page and get in touch with any questions or to get booked in!

I organised a 13th birthday party for 16 kids (with an adult in each of 4 teams) and it was SO MUCH FUN! We did the Will Breaker version – it was fun for all ages and showed us parts of London that we thought we knew, but really didn’t. Would love to do the other Hunt and definitely recommend this. Thanks for a great afternoon StreetHunt Games.

Susie, Mum and organiser 13 year old birthday party