Five things you need to think about when organising a fun team bonding activity

Team bonding activity in London

Have you been tasked with organising a fun team bonding activity and have no idea where to start? Don’t worry – we’re here to guide you and make it as painless as possible!

All the obvious options have been done – so dinner and drinks just doesn’t cut it anymore…

Here are our five top tips to how to organise a fun team bonding activity that your team will love AND most importantly it won’t break the bank nor be difficult to organise.

With time in mind, we’ll get straight to it.

outdoor team bonding activity

1. Understand your team

Consider the interests and preferences of your team members. What activities do they enjoy? What would be a good fit for the team’s personality?

Keep in mind the diverse preferences within the team. Try to find activities that can appeal to a broad range of interests.

Everyone’s been to lots of team bonding activities that revolve around dinner / drinks but try to choose something that has a wider appeal. Are they an active bunch? Or love an ‘experience’?

2. What’s the objective of the team bonding activity?

What are your team’s goals? Clearly define the objectives of the team bonding activity. Is it meant to improve communication, build trust, enhance collaboration, or simply provide a break from work?

Make sure there is relevance to the team bonding activity. Ensure that the chosen activity aligns with the goals and values of the event, team and the organisation as a whole.

Teenage birthday party pizza
Team logistics on the team building day

3. Consider logistics of the team bonding activity

Choose a time that works for everyone, and be mindful of the duration of the activity. It should be long enough to achieve its objectives but not too long to cause discomfort.

Select a convenient and accessible location. This could be within the office premises, at an off-site location, or even a virtual setting. Getting outside and the team moving is always a good option to keep everyone engaged.

4. Choose an engaging activity that is different to what you’ve done before

You could incorporate a mix of activities to cater to different preferences. For example have an outdoor organised activity followed by a more informal networking activity for teams to mingle.

Ensure that the activities are inclusive and allow everyone to participate. Avoid activities that might make some team members uncomfortable or excluded.

Engaging outdoor team building activity
Time for reflection for the day

5. Encourage reflection and feedback

Schedule time for a debriefing session after the activity. This allows team members to reflect on the experience, share insights, and discuss how the lessons learned can be applied in the workplace.

Collect feedback from the team about the activity. This input can be valuable for future planning and ensures that these team bonding activities continue to meet the evolving needs of the team.

Remember, the key to a successful team bonding activity is to create an inclusive, enjoyable experience that aligns with the team’s goals and promotes positive interactions among team members.

Now you have the tips are you ready to finish organising a fun team bonding activity? We have exactly what you’re looking for – an outdoor self-guided mysteries set around captivating locations – think grown-up scavenger hunt meets escape room meets murder mystery, played outside across the city.

Here’s why this team bonding activity is perfect for enhancing teamwork, communication, and overall team spirit:

  1. Collaboration at its best – our Hunt is designed to require collaboration and teamwork. Teams must work together to solve clues, strategise, and navigate through the outdoor environment.
  2. Communication boost – solve riddles, decipher clues, and locate hidden locations —all of which require effective communication. Enhance verbal and non-verbal communication skills as teams work together to crack codes and complete challenges.
  3. Build trust and camaraderie – strengthen bonds among team members by sharing the excitement of discovery and accomplishment.
  4. Healthy competition – introduce a dash of friendly competition to energise the atmosphere. Teams can compete against each other, adding a fun and motivational element to the activity.
  5. Enjoy the great outdoors – escape the confines of the office and enjoy the natural surroundings. Fresh air and outdoor exploration can invigorate the team, fostering a sense of well-being.

Our outdoor Scavenger Hunt is not just a team bonding activity; it’s an adventure that brings your team together, promotes collaboration, and ensures a day of shared laughter and achievement. Step outside the ordinary and into the extraordinary with a team bonding experience that everyone will be talking about for years to come!

A really good mix of intriguing clues and walking around beautiful London. Such a fun activity! Really well thought through and put together, and a great way of exploring the City. Definitely recommend it, especially if you have a competitive group!

Rachel, Event Organiser