How to play StreetHunt

1. Choose your Hunt depending on your preferred:

    • Starting location – London or York
    • Duration
    • Age of team

2. Gather your Team

Your team play the role of a well-connected private investigator. We recommend team sizes of up to 6 but if there are more of you, divide into competing teams to add an extra dimension to your Hunt!

Team game
London date idea being booked

3. Book your flexible tickets

If your plans change or the weather doesn’t look good you can get a full refund up to 48 hours before and amend the date for free up to 24 hours before.

4. Get to the starting location of your chosen Hunt

What to expect (and bring!) on the day will be sent to you 48 hours before the start of your Hunt:

    • Fully charged smartphone and ideally a portable charger
    • Comfortable footwear and clothes for the weather
    • An inquisitive mind, a sharp pair of eyes and a keen attention to detail.
Team spending time together
young game match kids

5. Click on the link sent via email and follow the guided instructions to begin

The Hunt is played on your web-browser so there is no requirement to download anything in advance. We recommend each player experiences the Hunt on their own device while working together in your team.

Instructions are also detailed on the help page of the game website which will guide your Hunt.

6. Collect as much information as you can in the allocated time

You will virtually meet contacts across the Hunt area through the interactive map. Answer a location-based question and receive further information to help you crack the case.

Optional breaks will be available if you want to pause the Hunt and we’ll provide recommendations. You can make a half-day or full-day of the Hunt – there is always plenty to see and do in the area.

Race again st the clocl solving puzzels in london
girl showing bright brainteaser in hands

7. Solve the Mystery

Find somewhere comfortable to digest all the information and, once you’ve pieced things together, lock in your answer.

The game could end in various locations but it will be within the area marked on the map within the booking page.

8. Receive your score, debrief with your team and plan your next Hunt!

Don’t forget to send us your selfie to receive your free StreetHunt Games memento photo.

Team Social idea in London