Dearest Nibling,

I write to you in dark times – it looks like my days as a war correspondent are over and I’ve got myself in one tight spot too many… You’re receiving this from me now as my life has come to a premature end. In anticipation that this might happen one day I’ve left instructions to my most trusted friend and colleague Eddie, my editor over the last 20 years or so.

As my last surviving relative, you’ll inherit everything I own, but I was never going to make it that easy was I?!? I’ve set up a little challenge for you to prove you deserve what little riches I’ve gained over the years.

Eddie will reach out to you to give you all the details you need and you’ll cross paths with several of my other associates. Each will give you a cryptex (a locked chamber with a 4-digit code) to solve, which when opened will give you a puzzle piece. Put them all together and you’ll be led to your inheritance.

There are 9 challenges to be solved. I’ve given you an hour to collect all the puzzle pieces and locate your inheritance. Based on the youngster I remember; an hour should be ample time for you to crack them all!

You were always such an inquisitive and adventurous kid. I’m devastated I can’t see the person you’ve grown up to become but it was always a risk in the life I chose. I know that whatever you ultimately choose to do with your life you’ll be a success.

Make the most of your time on this earth.

Your beloved Uncle