Are you looking for a team building activity in London that your team will actually enjoy?


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If you’re looking for a team building activity that all your team will enjoy, StreetHunt Games has been tried and tested and is loved by lots of corporates, big and small.

“My work team had an absolutely brilliant time on our hunt! This is such a creative and well-executed idea – the tech worked perfectly, the clues were just the right amount of tricky, we covered a great amount of territory and discovered all sorts of hidden treasures of the city, and we had so, so, SO much fun. Can’t wait to try out future hunts in other locations.” Jennifer, Gates Foundation

StreetHunt Games is the perfect activity that will challenge and excite your team – and we’ll organise everything for you! All you’ll need to do is get everyone together on the day.

What is this team building activity?

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At StreetHunt Games, we provide engaging outdoor, self-guided mysteries set around captivating locations – think grown-up scavenger hunt meets escape room meets murder mystery.

It’s played outside across London or York.

All players need is a phone and a sense of adventure.

So how does it work?

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We offer a fun, guided outdoor adventure that lasts for 2-3 hours.

Your team will step into the shoes of a private investigator and will need to work together, navigating through historical London, to solve the case.  

Work together in teams to solve a crime

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For most events, groups are split into teams of 3 to 5 players. Each team sets off a few minutes apart and they work together to find clues to solve a mystery. The team that cracks the case the fastest with the fewest hints along the way is announced the winner.

Once the game starts, not only will you and your team embark on a mysterious clue-hunting adventure, but you’ll also enjoy seeing some of the most interesting and hidden streets of London.

Social get-together

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As part of the plot, you’ll have the opportunity for a stop at an iconic pub to regroup before cracking on to solve the crime.

At the final debrief the winning team is unveiled and you can continue with your event and enjoy a team building meal with drinks.

We partner with several unique pubs and restaurants to bring you and your team the most enjoyable experience possible, and throw in a decent discount at the same time!

We take care of everything

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All of our corporate events are applauded for the organised nature and right level of difficulty.

We’ll be sure to make your experience run as seamlessly as possible. All you need to do is show up with a charged smartphone and an inquisitive mind – we’ll do the rest! 

For an additional cost, you can also schedule a host to greet your team at the start and be on hand throughout the game.

Team building loved by corporates

Team building activity in London loved by corporates

We have hosted many corporate eventsthat have been great fun for everyone involved. 

Don’t just take our word for it:

“Amazing Adventure – I booked this for a work social activity and it was genuinely so well put together. The experience was seamless and the team thoroughly enjoyed the hunt!! Would recommend highly.”
Kevin, September 2022

“A brilliantly organised event by the team with added touches. Annaliza and her team were attentive from the get go, I thoroughly recommend the hosted event version of this game if wanting a more personal touch that takes pictures and videos along the way, and provide a lovely montage at the end. The app was detailed and clear, and took you down all the quirky backstreets of London providing fun facts along the way. Perfect for a team building or large group of friends event.”
Kim, May 2022 Attraqt

“Thanks so much for organising it – the team had a great time and loved the pub stop midway to warm up. The game itself was good fun and we enjoyed following the story around the city and meeting all the characters – having done a number of these scavenger hunts this was a different way to do it with the map + the contacts and I enjoyed it immensely.”
Sophie, December 2022 Goldman Sachs

For many more reviews see TripAdvisor here. 

Team building activity, played and loved by:

Twitch TV, Deloitte, KPMG, EY, Sainsbury’s, Rolls Royce Finance, Shell, Hitachi Solutions, NHS, Clara, CEDR, The Paaladium Group, Gates Foundation, Virgin Media, Marsh, MetroBank, Nesta and Just Eat Takeaway. 
This is just to mention a few!