Are you looking for a fun and engaging team building activity in London?

StreetHunt Games is the perfect team building activity in London or York. We provide engaging outdoor, self-guided mysteries set around captivating locations – think grown-up scavenger hunt meets escape room meets murder mystery, played outside across a city. All you need is a phone and a sense of adventure.

We offer a fun, engaging and unique experience which lasts 2 – 3 hours. It can be your main team activity or you can include it as part of a wider event. Here are some of the reasons we think StreetHunt Games is the perfect choice for your team-building activity in London or York.

Team building activity in London

Discover hidden gems

The StreetHunt Games team-building activity offers a combination not provided elsewhere – an emphasis on captivating locations with standalone puzzles combined with an engaging overall mystery to solve.

The concept that play is important for colleagues to relax and enjoy team building activities

Put work worries to one side

With the increase in working from home and multi-site teams, StreetHunt Games provides a fun unique outdoor challenge to connect your team and gives you all some much-needed escapism.

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Improve team bonding

StreetHunt Games facilitates smaller groups networking during the Hunt and a full team gathering at the end – the perfect combination for a team-building activity. A great way to integrate new members of a team.

London team building activity

Get away from the office

StreetHunt Games is self-guided, played outdoors and requires no interaction outside of your team. We can host your event or just help you find hospitality venues for breaks before, during and after the Hunt.

Take a break during and after the Hunt

Access discounts at local pubs

Exclusive 10% food and drink discount provided at StreetHunt Games partner venues when you select the corporate package, allowing your budget to stretch further. We also provide prizes matching the theme of the game.

A drink after a great team building activity in London

We’ll help you to organise

With our corporate package we support you to organise your event. StreetHunt Games can be your main team-building activity or part of a wider event. See below for more details on how the team-building activity will work.

How will the team building activity work?

We work with you to create the perfect event for your team – get in touch here to let us know your preferences for the event. For most events:

  • We’ll split the group into teams of 3 – 5 players
  • Teams set off with 2/3 minutes between them
  • You’ve got the option to have a break (usually 30-45 minutes) at an iconic pub during the game
  • If you select our group event package you’ll access a 10% discount on food and drink at our partner venues – which we’ll help book for you (for before or after the game)
  • We’ll provide a team ranking on completion (for the competitive ones out there to know how they did against the rest of the team!)
  • For an additional cost, there’s the option to have a StreetHunt Games host who will greet the teams at the start, and be on hand throughout, provide a memento video of the event (if desired) and announce the winner at the end
  • We can also organise prizes for the winning team tied into the theme of the game

It’s so easy – all a player needs to do is get to the starting point of the game with a phone and we’ll do the rest for you!

See recent testimonials below with many more on TripAdvisor and Google.

Great for a work social! Annaliza and the team at StreetHunt helped us organise a team-building activity for a Big 4 department of 50 people. The whole event was exciting, entertaining and so easy to run. The game tech worked brilliantly and we were all allocated into teams with a prize at the end. Definitely suitable for a work social ending in the pub or at a restaurant and everyone had a great time! Cannot recommend it enough!


Google review, KPMG

We split into two teams for a team-building activity and had a fantastic time – a challenging and competitive game! It was great to take the time to experience the streets we so often walk blindly down. I think we all have a renewed appreciation for the history and beauty of London.


TripAdvisor review, Front Management

My work team had an absolutely brilliant time on our hunt! This is such a creative and well-executed idea – the tech worked perfectly, the clues were just the right amount of tricky, we covered a great amount of territory and discovered all sorts of hidden treasures of the city, and we had so, so, SO much fun. Can’t wait to try out future hunts in other locations.

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Google review, Gates Foundation

What an amazing afternoon spent with my team. Such a fabulous way to incorporate a team-building activity with getting out in the outdoors and experiencing London at its best. Thank you StreetHunt! Will definitely do it again!

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TripAdvisor review, TerraCycle

Get in touch and we’ll work with you to plan and execute a great team building activity in London.

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